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ProShopper Registration Overview

Opportunity Overview

CRG currently needs ProShoppers for a variety of Projects. Projects primarily involve mystery shopping, but also include market research and merchandising.

Once you're registered, CRG will offer you an opportunity to participate in projects that need new people and that meet your preferences. Your role in the mystery shopping projects will be to visit specific consumer-oriented businesses and assess their performance according to specific guidelines. Businesses may be stores, restaurants, sales offices, and financial institutions. In many instances, you'll know your schedule weeks in advance and your visit can take place anytime within a one or two week period, although some offers will have a much tighter schedule. After leaving the business location, you'll record your assessment on a web-based form by answering a series of yes/no or multiple-choice questions and describing your interaction with the employees in a comment area. Our projects are fun, you'll help make the stores a better place to shop, and within a few weeks you'll receive payment from CRG for each assessment plus reimbursement for any required purchases.

CRG ProShoppers with a proven reliability track record are also offered fun and exciting special projects such as Mystery Calls. Your role in Mystery Call projects could be to call specific stores from the phone of your choice and interact with a sales agent according to a scripted scenario. Another possible task is to assess the sales agent's performance during a call according to specific guidelines and enter the results into a web-based form. Market research and merchandising offers are limited to those with experience in those fields and/or people who have an interest and a proven track record.

Special Projects like Mystery Calls are by invitation only. If invited, you'll received an email and registration code from CRG inviting you to sign-up for the special project.

Registration Overview

Registration involves a few simple steps:

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